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Our Geospatial Services span through but not limited to the following sectors and spatial deliveries


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Services Offered

We offer the following Geospatial services:

Spatial Analysis
Spatial Analysis & Modelling

This is the heart and soul of GIS. Its use is not limited to determining spatial patterns & trends, finding best location for business and preparing/responding faster in crucial situations.

Mapping and GeoVisualization
Mapping & Geovisualization

With maps, spatial patterns, trends, location, events etc. can be viewed in order to make better decisions and plan/take well guided actions


Real world context is brought to maps and data using 3D GIS which helps in analyzing and solving spatial problems.

Real Time GIS
Real Time Mapping

Location monitoring of events which aids in accelerated response times, safety optimization and operational awareness improvement are made possible through real time mapping.


Remote Sensing
Imageries & Remote Sensing

Remote sensing plays a vital role in supplying images for GIS analysis which assists in determining pattern, trend etc.

Data Collection and Management
Data Collection & Surveying

Assemblage of spatial and non-spatial data is basic in all GIS activities. Data is one of the basic components of GIS.

Capacity Building
Capacity Building & GIS Laboratory Setup

Personnel, Hardware and Software are integral components of GIS.More


Software Installation
Software Installation

GIS analysis can only be efficiently carried out using standard softwares to achieve better output

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