The company provides exceptional, client specific and satisfactory services which have made the company to stand out among other sister companies as a top class business firm. The services rendered by PECOSS spans through two major sectors: Geospatial Information Technology and Environmental Conservation. Click the links below to find out more


Geospatial Services


We offer top quality, client-satisfactory and highly professional GIS, Remote Sensing and Cartography services. Our geospatial services ranges from Spatial Analysis & Modelling, Mapping & Geo-visualization, Real-Time Mapping, Imageries Supply, to Software Installation, Data Collection & Surveying,  GIS Laboratory Setups, Capacity Building and more. More

Environmental Consultancy Services


Keying into the growing global call for environmental protection through environmental friendly actions, we provide eco-friendly services which include but not limited to Waste Management & Recycling, Green Energy Provision, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, amongst other eco-friendly services. More