About Us

We are a top-notch consultancy firm which provides core and high quality Geospatial (GIS, Remote Sensing & Cartography) and Environmental Conservation services.




The Geospatial services are aimed at assisting individuals, academic and non-academic institutions, professional bodies, firms, NGOs and the Government in making well informed decisions for developing and/or improving GIS services for their offices, organizations or the general public.




The Environmental Conservation services are channeled towards promoting the reduced exposure of the environment to harmful substances such as carbon emissions, urea, feaces, solid wastes etc. through the provision of eco-friendly services that will help protect the environment such as improved waste management programs, waste recycling, mobile toilet rentals, biogas production and distribution, organic fertilizer production etc.





Our Mission

To build and maintain a unique and inimitable consultancy firm which promotes maximum Geospatial Technology application and Environmental Conservation through  professional and client satisfactory services.


Our Vision


To be a household name in Geospatial Technology and Environmental Conservation Industries in Africa through provision of high standard spatial solutions and achievement of an environment with reduced pollution